Veeramahadevi is a multilingual time, war genre movie direction by Vadivudaiyan. The movie highlights Sunny Leone in the lead role. The director says Veeramadevi was a famous warrior who lived in southern Indian history. Sunny is becoming trained in sword fighting and soldierly arts with the professional’s trainers from Mumbai. Sunny Leone says that she’s ‘excited’ to feature in the periodical drama Veeramahadevi. Also, she has given a call sheet of 150 days for Veeramahadevi movie shoot. The movie said to have 70 minutes of CG work and will get released in five languages Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu. The much-awaited premier look of Veeramadevi, starring Sunny Leone is out, and the artist takes over the big screen, this time as a warrior. Veeramadevi, also called Veeramahadevi, is Sunny Leone’s presentation in the South film industry.

The Tamil film, which will also be published in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi, presents Sunny Leone as a leader with her grand army. The film is touted to be an epic with Sunny Leone leading the pack and the posters released so far, hint at her being a royal fighter. Presented by Steeve’s Corner and directed by VC Vadivudaiyan, Veeramadevi looks like a grand period drama in which Sunny plays a strong and determined woman, guarding her people and taking over the antagonists single-handedly.The film will also see Navdeep in a negative role, While the rest of the cast is yet to be revealed. The actress has reportedly undergone severe training in sword fighting and horse riding for the film — the highly anticipated movie. This movie is releasing on Sep 27, 2019.

Amrish Ganesh has composed the music. Veeramadevi is slated to be released and also joins the league of South cinema epics with the actress’ taking the lead like Anushka Shetty’s Rudramadevi, Arundathi, etc. The expectations, including Sunny Leone’s VEERAMADEVI, has been skyrocketing to magnificent levels from the moment it was declared. The high-caliber making sneak peeks with a large budget of 100-Cr had joined the heraldic arms of attraction to this project. Telugu film production, including Nasser. The war sequences that are suspected to be one of the greatest cherry-pick of this movie is being shot utilizing horses and elephants that exist commuted from various part of Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka, and Kerala. The actors are being trained with massive level practice to shoot for this series.

Sunny Leone’s grand attires will reflect the Indian cultural and traditional ethnicity, which are being produced in Mumbai. With excellent set works built-in Ramoji Film City and locations tented at deepest thick forests of Kerala, the war series are being shot in top-notch quality. Not to miss the grandest CG works that are offered by the most excellent experts across India and Canada. The man behind unparalleled CG and Animation works in Hollywood’s celebrated. About 40Cr budget has been spent upon the CG works for this movie, which is definitely to offer sumptuous delight for the global public. Brimming with such saliently expensive factors, the first look of VEERAMADEVI have already released.