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Swiss watches.

Like you will find with a number of the established Swiss watch brands, Alpina has been around since what pretty much feels like the beginning of time. Their innovation starts in their workspace and filters down to all of their timepieces. Alpina has, for a long time, been the watch of choice for air force pilots, divers, the navy, the military, and of course, mountaineers, otherwise known as alpinists. The four characteristics of any reliable sports watch that shaped the style and quality of the Alpina watches were that they should all be antimagnetic, anti-shock, water-resistant, and be made from stainless steel so that their durability and reliability would never be compromised.

Raymond Weil Geneve

Raymond Weil finds draw their inspiration for their design and names of their timepieces from music. This gives their watches an air of artistic appeal. The diversity in their watch design is remarkable, and their craftsmanship on display with every piece is something to marvel at. There are some skeleton watches in their collection that allow you to look into their intricate work and appreciate the creativity of their designs.

The styles range from famous bands to instrumentally guided pieces such as the Cello. Raymond Weil are horological enthusiasts and go as far as putting together their movements as well as creating new changes. The company is a relatively small family business and often makes a limited number of pieces for each model. Your collection will be far more productive with one of these timepieces to brighten it up.