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Hyderabad- the city of Nizams famous for its biryani and cyber hubs, happens to have a store of spooky sinister secrets in store. So, get the ghost- hunter in you to work and look out for our list of top 3 haunted places in Hyderabad that might blow your shrieks out.

Shamshabad Airport :
Rajiv Gandhi International airport, located near Shamshabad is popular by the name of Shamshabad Airport. It got established in the wake of various disputes, which lead to numerous deaths. The victims of the violence were buried beneath the airport, and the restless spirits of those bodies still haunt the premises.
Haunting Incident:
A Qatar Airways pilot stopped the plane instantly when he saw a lady dancing in a white saree on the runway. The authorities searched everywhere but in vain. Post such incidents, parts of the airport have become one of the most feared haunted places in Hyderabad.

Golkonda Fort :
Kakatiyas, the ruling dynasty of Andhra Pradesh, built the Golkanda fort in the 13th century. The fort got refurbished according to succeeding ruling parties’ whims, during which the treasure of diamonds got exposed and kept safely in the fort. Spooky-flying the story is the presence of Taramati, the paramour queen of the king. Both died truly in love and were buried together. Supposedly, the queen still dances on her former stage.
Haunting Incident:
Those who stayed back post 6, witnessed images hung against the walls turn upside down by themselves. Shooting late at night, many crew members heard troubling voices and noticed various other paranormal activities, adding the fort to the list of the most haunted places in Hyderabad.

Ramoji Film City :
The second-largest integrated film city with an amusement park for children, Ramoji Film City, was inaugurated by producer Ramoji Rao in 1996. It is believed that the ghost spirits of the deceased soldiers pervade the region as the grounds originally belonged to the Nizams, making it one among the most haunted places in Hyderabad.
Haunting Incident:
Few witnesses claim, while on a film shooting, the workers in the production team managing spotlights from high positions, fell down as if they were brutally pushed. The majority of the occurrences suggest the presence of ghosts in hotel rooms.