Mobile networking refers to technology that is using wireless, via radio transmission soluting network is a mobile phone.
The portable system can carry circuit switching — the radio spectrum allocated to the mobile network of the generation of a cellular network.

.Most of the typical example of a culture network is a mobile phone (cell phone)network.
A mobile phone is a portable telephone which receives or makes calls through a cell site or radio transshipment tower. The radio towers are used to the cell phone network.

The mobile or cellular networks generated into four generations.
1.The first generation (1 G)1981-NMTlaun.
3.Third generation(3G)2003 first UK.
4.Fourth generation (4G)2007+?

5.the latest technology is the 5G network(it faster than the 4G network).To distinguish signals from several different transmitters, time-division multiple access, frequency-division multiple access, code-division multi[ple access,  orthogonal frequency-division multiple access.

The wire fewer communication networks globally can be expected that people advance with more research. Wireless communication can be reduced and make it a more significant part of the world.