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This temple is believed to own been existing since Treta Yuga. The vertical rock beneath the temple is understood as KAMBA, which accurately suggests that pillar. The name of the city Khammam has been derived from Kambam Mettu to Kammammet or Khammam Mettu to the current Khammam city. The district is additionally named as Khammam. Located at concerning 193 km towards the east of Hyderabad is one in all Telangana necessary districts, Khammam.

Situated at the guts of the Khammam town and at a distance of one kilometer from terminus this impressive fort was engineered on the rock with vast granites. The fort is capable of mounting sixty cannons; there is associate degree previous masjid & Mahal within the fort made throughout the amount of Zafar-Ud Doula.

Khammam Fort

There is a documented Zafar Bouli that is sixty linear units long and twenty direct unit wide. A secret pathway was made and utilized throughout the invasions. Channels were created to store rainwater.The fort was created within the 950s by the fantastic Kakatiya rulers. The kings Velama and Musunuri Nayak were additionally concerned in its construction. Later in 1531, the Qutub Shahi kings developed the Khammam Fort.