‘Boy’ Is An Upcoming Telugu Movie Releasing On ’23’ Aug 2019

The Boy is an upcoming Telugu movie scheduled to be released on 23 Aug 2019. The movie is directed by Amar Viswaraj and will feature Sahiti, Lakshya Sinha and Vinay Varma as lead characters. Telugu movie ‘Boy’ starring Lakshya Sinha and Sahiti. ‘Last Working Day’ is sung by Akhil Chandra, Bharath Raj, Sashank, Neelambari and music of the song is given by Elwin James and Jaya Prakash.



J. Lyrics of ‘Boy’ song ‘Last Working Day’ are written by Amar Vishwaraj. The ‘boy’ is a romantic entertainer movie directed by Amar Viswaraj and produced by R.Ravi Shekar Raju and Amar Viswaraj.actually the story of the film. Its a story about a Boy during the final days of his high school. 15-year-old Mahi Teja (Lakshya Sinha) is studying his 10th.



His simple world revolves around his home, school, his best friend Vayu Nandan and his first crush Varna (Sahiti) who is also in 10th but in a different school. Mahi realizes that Varna has taken pre-admission in National College. So his mission is now to join the same college. But he is devastated to know that the college is considered a Gateway to the IITs and to get admission the cut off mark in Mathematics is 95%!



Mathematics! It is his worst nightmare. He does well in all the other subjects except Maths as he is scared of Mr. Nagendra Kumar, his very strict Maths teacher. How he can overcome the maths phobia and achieves his goal is the rest of story.it is the story of the film.the movie is releasing on Aug 23, 2019. the students will surely like this movie.