Software Sudheer Movie review

Software Sudheer is a romantic drama entertainer movie directed by P Rajasekhar Reddy and produced by Sekhar Raju under Sekhara Art Creations banner. The movie cast includes Sudigali Sudheer, and Dhanya Balakrishna are in the lead roles. Bheems scored music. Chandu and Swathi are Software engineers. Chandu is an ordinary guy who never misses an opportunity to impress Swathi. Once Swathi recognizes Chandu’s goodness and innocence, the affair begins. Suddenly they find themselves held in a significant problem. Can Chandu save Swathi?

Telugu movie ‘Software Sudheer’ starring Sudigali Sudheer, Dhanya Balakrishna, Nassar, also Sayaji Shinde. ‘Software Sudheer’ film is directed by P Rajasekhar Reddy. Sudheer, who is popular with television shows like ‘Jabardast, Jhee, Powe Bora,’ is about to try his luck. ‘Sudheer’ is a hero to the Telugu audience. “King’s Room” fame heroine DHANYA Balakrishna natistonna sekhara the image produced by the king kesekhar industrialist Art Creations banner. Starring as a full-length family entertainer, Rajasekhar Reddy is introduced as Pulicher director.

The film stars senior actresses Indraja, Shayaji Shinde, and Posani Krishna Murali in the lead roles. Speaking about the film, Sudigali Sudheer said, ‘Everyone calls me a hero. But the movie is the hero of the story. Audiences consider me their next-door boy. I am fortunate to have their honors in such a short time. I am thrilled that the film has brought them closer.” Sudhir also revealed that he never dreamed of working with so many famous technicians for his first film. Shekhar Raju, producer. Siva Prasad, Hema, Vidyalekhaleka Raman, and Tarzan are playing critical roles in the movie. Editor: Gautam Raju, Cinematography: Ram Prasad, Music: Bhim’s Cicerollio, Fights: Ram Lakshman, Dance: Shekhar Master, Songs: Suresh Banishetti, Story-Maths – Screenplay – Directed by Rajashekha.

“Software Sudheer” stars the rib-tickling ‘Jabardasth’ comedian Sudagali Sudheer in an atypical role. Directed by P Rajasekhar Reddy, this full-on drama has been produced by Sekhar Raju. Starring Dhanya Balakrishna from ‘Nenu Sailaja’ fame as Sudheer’s love affair, it has Nassar, Sayaji Shinde, Indraja, also Posani Krishna Murali in different roles. The drama entertainer is likely to hit the screens on 19 0ct 2019

Upcoming Movie Malli Malli Chusa Releasing On 0ct 18 2019

Malli Malli Chusa’ is an upcoming Tollywood movie starring Anurag in the lead role. Shweta Awasthi and Kairavi Thakkar are performing the female leads in this movie. It is a romantic entertainer under Krishi creations banner. Directed by Hemant Kartik, the shot of the film is already completed, and the movie is releasing on 18 Oct 2019. Recently, during the press event, director Hemanth said that freedom less life is like a war without any enemy. “Every lover is similar to a soldier in a war, and the love itself will make him succeed. The film is about the story of a simple man who wins in love like a soldier.” Said the filmmaker.

Talking about movie producer K Koteswara Rao claimed that a great book is like a great friend, and their film will become a good buddy for everyone. “Our thoughts should be attractive to make our life happy, and our film is like a combination of such pleasant thoughts. Everyone loves their film as much as possible to make it the best version. Some go beyond the limit while promoting, and some go for creative ideas. Malli Malli Chusa team is going for the third kind that is telling people what their story is really about. Movie stars Anurag Konidena, Kairavi Thakkar, Swetha Awasthi.

Hemanth Karthik wrote and directed the film with K. Koteswara Rao as the producer. The team is getting ready for censor and release the movie on oct 18,2019. Hemanth Karthik said that he believes genuine love will always triumph all difficulties, and even if there is a war fought for it, the couple who are fighting it will make it all worth it. With this sort of storyline, with a couple fighting for their love, this film has come out well, he said. K. Koteswara Rao expressed gladly that his mission is to make good films and encourage good stories. He was thrilled to produce the movie after reading the script, and now he is expecting a good turnout from the public as the film is perfect.

Romantic films in Monsoon season have been doing good these days, and we hope this team will deliver on their promise. The dramatic trailer of the film is launched recently on 25 Sept, and the young artist thanked everyone present at the event. He even thanked his dad for giving him such an opportunity to show himself. Director Hemanth Karthik said that the movie is a modern love story that will touch every youth. He also praised Kairavi Thakkar and Swetha Awasthi, who is performing as female leads. The film is said to be a happy entertainer, and Shravan Bharadwaj scored music for the film. He is on a hit celebration and wished the album of this movie will be an enormous success too.

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Stylish Star Allu Arjun Upcoming Movie Release Date Locked

Directed by: Trivikram Srinivas
Produced by: Allu Aravind, S. Radha Krishna
Written by: Trivikram Srinivas
Starring: Allu Arjun, Pooja Hegde, Jayaram, Tabu, Sushanth, Navdeep, Nivetha Pethuraj, Sunil
Music by: Thaman
Cinematography:P. S. Vinod
Edited by; Navin Nooli
Production company: Geetha Arts, Haarika & assign Creations
Release date: January 12, 2020

Stylish star Allu Arjun starrer upcoming action entertainer Ala Vaikunthapuramlo will publish on January 12. The makers should officially confirm the release date of Ala Vaikunthapuramlo by releasing a new poster.

Ala Vaikunthapuramlo will release on January January 12he occasion of Sankranthi. The latest poster of Allu Arjun symbolizing the Sankranthi festival also looks good.

Trivikram Srinivas is helming the movie, and the film has Pooja Hegde in the female lead role. Trivikram Srinivas and Allu Arjun had previously done films like Julayi and S/O Sathyamurty, and both the movies were blockbuster at the box office. Apart from the lead pair, the film also has Tabu and Sushanth in supporting roles. Tabu is playing Allu Arjun’s mother in this drama. Allu Arjun will be seen in a never seen before role, and the fans are eager to find out what Bunny will do next.

As per sources, ‘Ala Vaikunthapuramlo’ will have all the emotions in abundance. It has got a cute love story, touching family drama and mass elements. The film, Ala Vaikunthapuramlo will mark the third time when the actor and director are collaborating on a movie. Previously the south superstar Allu Arjun and director Trivikram Srinivas had worked together in films like Julayi and S/O Sathyamurty. Now, in the latest offering from the director, Trivikram Srinivas, the star Allu Arjun will be seen in a very challenging role.

Capital Punishment In The United Kingdom

In England, it had been commonplace for people to attend public executions for hundreds of years. Particularly during the 18th- and 19th- century reign of the Bloody Code, a set of laws that made 200 crimes punishable by death. A History of Heads Lost and Heads Found by Frances Larsen, as many as 5,000 people would attend your average public hanging in London.

But the mid-1800s brought the proliferation of an innovation that made it so people wouldn’t have to wait until there was local execution about the train. And what quickly followed the expanding British railway system were train excursions. Thomas Cook, the founder of the eponymous travel agency, arranged his first train excursion a trip to a teetotal rally.

But even this was preceded by an excursion that ran between the two Cornwall towns of Wadebridge and Bodmin so that visitors could witness the execution of William and James Lightfoot. The performance of the brothers attracted roughly 20,000 spectators, approximately 3,000 of which had arrived via the train excursion.

The popularity of these grisly displays was undeniable. On November 13, 1849, 30,000 people were in attendance at the execution of Marie and Frederick Manning. As was routinely the case, these weren’t tens of thousands of solemn-faced onlookers overcome by an all-too-human morbid curiosity. These were rowdy occasions that brought out the worst in attendees. Charles Dickens was so fundamentally disturbed by the behavior of the spectators that had come to watch the hanging of the Mannings that he wrote a letter to The Times condemning the practice.

The horrors of the gibbet and of the crime which brought the wretched murderers to it faded in my mind before the atrocious bearing, looks, and language of the assembled spectators. They use to be solemnly convinced that nothing that ingenuity could devise to be done in this city, in the same compass of time, could work such ruin as one public execution.

England’s final public hanging would come just over 20 years later in 1869.


Why Do We Dress Up?

Social obligations are not prerequisites for feeling great about your appearance. You can dress up simply because looking good makes you happy. But more often than not, the situations where we put a lot of care into our outfits are significant events with specific dress codes. The best-case scenario is that we’re dressing for both reasons: because it boosts our self-esteem and because we want to look situationally appropriate.

Personal style

Personal style is something that each of us has; we have to identify it, understand it, and then live it. It projects your mood, personality, and you as a whole, reflecting your interests, lifestyle, inspirations, and your past. The personal style you know you look great and feel confident when you leave your home. Whether you prefer bohemian, street, high fashion, minimal or classic, you can make your style look classy when the occasion calls for it.

Fashion Hairstyle

If you’re short on time in the mornings or don’t like styling your hair, opt for an easy haircut or a haircut that you can quickly put up. By stylist and chic hairstyles, I mean a sleek bun or ponytail. I have a lot of hair, and it’s pretty long, so if I want to look stylish, I know I need to spend at least 30 minutes on it if I want to wear it down. But the hairstyle I turn to when I don’t want to spend a long time on my hair is a sleek low bun.

Tamannaah Latest Horror-Comedy Movie Review

Directed by: Rohin Venkatesan
Produced by: A. Kumar
Written by: G. R. Surendarnath
Based on Anando Brahma by Mahi V Raghav
Starring: Tamannaah
Music by: Ghibran
Cinematography: Dani Raymond
Edited by: Leo John Paul
Production company: Eagle Eye Production

Review of the Tamannaah horror-comedy Tamannaah Bhatia has teamed up with Rohin Venkatesh, who made his impressive debut with Adhe Kangal, for Petromax. It is a Tamil remake of Taapsee Pannu’s hit Telugu film Anando Brahma. The movie has Yogi Babu doing an important role. Munishkanth, Kaali Venkat, Sathyan, Prem, Livingston, and others are in the supporting characters. The film has Ghibran music, Dani Raymond cinematography, and Leo John Paul’s editing. The movie has garnered a lot of curiosity in the minds of the audience. The impressive trailer with references to Vijay’s speech, the cine-goers are curiously looking forward to its release. Will it live up to the viewer’s expectations? Find it out in the people’s words: A man, who fails to sell his house owing to spirit possession surrounding it, offers a considerable sum to four people to prove that an evil spirit does not haunt the building.

Petromax Review is the latest to join the tried-and-tested horror-comedy genre in Kollywood. There’s hardly any horror angle in it, but the comedy scenes that appear in the latter half make up for it. The movie starts with the plight of a dejected son who comes to Tamil Nadu from Malaysia after knowing that his parents are no more. He decides to sell the empty house in his native as he is about to return to Malaysia in a week. However, many people who showed interest in purchasing the home backed off due to the widespread rumor that evil spirits possess the building. He comes across four different people who are badly in need of money and offers them a significant sum on the condition that they stay there for a few days to prove to the outside world that the old home is safe to live. A couple of twists and a flashback story follow, which engages the audience in parts.

How is Diwali is celebrated in India

One of the most significant festivals in Indian culture, Diwali, the festival of lights, sees millions attend firework displays, prayers, and celebratory events across the world every autumn. The festival is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains for a variety of reasons, although the central theme which runs throughout is the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. To celebrate, houses are decorated with candles, and colourful lights and huge firework displays are held while families feast and share gifts. How Diwali is celebrated in India depends mainly on the region where it is observed. It is not only celebrated within India but in most countries where Hindus celebrate the world over, especially in Asia. The significance of the Diwali Celebrations in India is different based on the region. However, the celebrations of fireworks at night, lighting Diya in and outside houses, drawing and decorating outside the gate, puja, and rituals, are most common.

There are vast preparation for Diwali, shopping for Diwali, exchanging sweets or gifts, wishing each other and sharing love, etc. Homes are illumined with Diya, deepam, or earthen lamps. The smell of sweets getting prepared and fresh flowers come from almost all homes during Diwali. People clean their houses thoroughly before decorations. These are the first celebrations at the homes of people in India, which you can see if you visit any of these destinations in India.
The streets are filled with children and families playing with fireworks – bursting crackers, ladies, special candles, etc. As the evening comes, the streets are filled with the noise of the loud crackers burst by kids in the neighborhood. When it gets dark, the entire family or the members of the family come out and light various types of fireworks, some which make sound and some which do not. It is a sight that nobody can describe. You have to come to see and experience this Diwali celebration in India.

Five Days Of Diwali celebrate:

  • The First Day :(Dhanteras) marks the beginning of the end of a 14-day dark period. On this day, the Lord Dhanvantari’s rises from the Ocean with Ayurvedic (medicine) for humankind. This day starts the festival of lights.
  • The Second Day: ( Narak Chaturdasi) celebrates Lord Krishna’s defeat of a demon named Narakasura. The devil asks Lord Krishna for forgiveness, and Krishna grants it. This day has been dedicated to the belief that even the worst of us can change and deserve sympathy. It is also celebrated as the day Lord Krishna freed the world from fear.
  • The Third Day: (Lakshmi Puja) is the primary celebration day of Diwali. On this day, the Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the ocean bringing with her wealth and prosperity for the world. People responded by honoring and praising Lakshmi, and this practice continues today.
  • The Fourth Day (Padwa and Goverdhan Puja ) is a day for the prayer known as Goverdhan Puja (pooja) – an extensive offering of food. Some celebrate this day in honor of Lord Krishna’s protection of the villagers of Vrindavan from torrential rain caused by Indra (the god of rain and storms).
  • The Fifth Day (Bhai Duj) celebrates the love and affection between brothers and sisters. It reinstates the bother’s duty to protect and value his sister and the sister’s reciprocated affection. On this day, a great feast is shared between brothers and sisters

The Healing Power of Music

Whether you’re listening to it or creating it, music can reduce stress and anxiety, distract you from negative feelings and emotions, and even relieve symptoms of health or mental health conditions. Music has been used to reduce physical and emotional pain and increase the quality of life in medical and psychiatric hospitals, drug and alcohol programs, assisted living facilities, and cancer centers. These same music practices can be worked into your daily life, especially with the guidance of a counselor, coach, or licensed music therapist who can assess your needs and use specialized and research-based techniques to help guide you towards reaching your therapeutic goals.

These tips are intended to be fun ways to reduce stress and increase wellness. If you are worried about your stress level, anxiety, or depression, you should seek out a mental health professional.

Music is a great way to express what’s going on inside. You can make music whether you play an instrument, hum, or tap a box – or you can take existing songs and make a mix that conveys how you feel. Another great musical technique for self-expression is writing lyrics that send your thoughts or emotions. You can either write to a melody you already know or create something all new. You don’t need to be a trained musician or composer to get the healing benefits of creating music. It’s not about what you are creating, but the process of creating it. So go ahead, tap your foot, shake a box of oatmeal, and express yourself.

A song can instantly bring you back in time to moments from your past. That song you knew every word to as a child, and still, do. The tune you heard while on a first date. A song you danced to on a special night. Compile a mental playlist of songs with positive associations that you can reference any time you need a quick pick-me-up.

Music can be used to help you calm and meditate. Some people who have trouble with silent meditation find that music helps silence inner dialogue allowing for a more powerful experience. Music therapists can provide more personalized music-assisted relaxation tips, such as progressive muscle relaxation; however, here is a basic exercise you can try. Sit comfortably in a quiet place with your body relaxed. While listening to calming sounds or music, take deep breaths to the rhythm, and let the sound melt away the chatter. You can imagine your body relaxing one muscle at a time as the music fills you.

Top Brand watches.

Swiss watches.

Like you will find with a number of the established Swiss watch brands, Alpina has been around since what pretty much feels like the beginning of time. Their innovation starts in their workspace and filters down to all of their timepieces. Alpina has, for a long time, been the watch of choice for air force pilots, divers, the navy, the military, and of course, mountaineers, otherwise known as alpinists. The four characteristics of any reliable sports watch that shaped the style and quality of the Alpina watches were that they should all be antimagnetic, anti-shock, water-resistant, and be made from stainless steel so that their durability and reliability would never be compromised.

Raymond Weil Geneve

Raymond Weil finds draw their inspiration for their design and names of their timepieces from music. This gives their watches an air of artistic appeal. The diversity in their watch design is remarkable, and their craftsmanship on display with every piece is something to marvel at. There are some skeleton watches in their collection that allow you to look into their intricate work and appreciate the creativity of their designs.

The styles range from famous bands to instrumentally guided pieces such as the Cello. Raymond Weil are horological enthusiasts and go as far as putting together their movements as well as creating new changes. The company is a relatively small family business and often makes a limited number of pieces for each model. Your collection will be far more productive with one of these timepieces to brighten it up.