Latest Trending Dresses For Girls

1.Denim style:

Do not worry anymore, If you love to be too dressy regularly and have No time or Less time to glam yourself. You can choose a pair from an Indian outfit and merge it with denim. You can choose up a Kurti, which can be a slit Kurti, Long Kurti, or any style of Kurti and pair it up with ethical colored denim. When we talk about comfort. These Indo western outfits or fashion ideas don’t limit us. Few women aren’t comfortable wearing sari during peak working hours but would love to wear. So here is a good tip for them- Dress yourself in half sari. Yes, A half sari with denim (jeans). This style is the trendiest buzz in the fashion industry.

2.Boho Printed Palazzo pants:

If you are seeking for a comfortable outfit, then go with this fusion of comfort dressing and be a fashion pro by wearing a plain shirt along with these boho palazzo pants. Wide palazzo is a suitable option for college going girls and also for middle-aged women. Try this option of pairing a plain buttoned shirt with the boho palazzo.

3.Kurti a new Jacket :

How great is it setting a new trendy look with the old Kurtis? So if you are having a bunch of old buttoned or slit Kurtis, then try this hack out! Wear old Kurti as a layer -Wear it as a jacket or shrug. The only thing you have to be sure about is- Kurti has to have front opening to wear it as a jacket, it can be a button-down Kurti.

4.Jackets:-No more leather jackets.

If you are fond of jackets, kind of a crazy girl for jackets, then do try some trendy fabric jackets. Fabric jackets are so in trend and are being loved by each age group females. Styling option for dressing casual is to carry your pair of Patiala suit or your leggings or denim with Kurti or tee and put on the Fabric Jacket on!
The market has a vast variety of trendy fabric jackets, like Block printed jacket, ethnic jacket, boho jacket, embroidered jacket and many more, So here you can have many options for pairing it with your outfit.

5.Turn Your Skirt to Dhoti and Dhoti Pants:

This fashion hack is the right solution if you are confused about what to wear! And also, if you are not seeking to buy anything new and have to attend a function or event, then DIY Clothing by turning your skirt to dhoti and pair it up well with anything suitable. If you are confused, then let me tell you a simple tip to convert your dress into dhoti with no-sew, lift the bottom (hem)of your skirt and tuck in the waistband from the front. You can pair it up with crop tops.

Now no more salwar, churidar because- Dhotis are a new trend, which has replaced Patiala salwar, churidars, and palazzo from the women’s wardrobe. Celebrities and bloggers have given so much of style inspiration by carrying these dhoti pants in their unique way. College girls are just seen wearing dhoti pants with tops, tees in their college working hours. Here you have a viable option of accessorizing your outfit, and you can carry chunky accessories and a jhola bag and slay in this desi look.

The Best Fashion Photography Ideas

Photography is everywhere. You will see hundreds of images a day of men and women dressed-up, showcasing clothing, accessories, and footwear. The world of fashion photography is fast-paced. It focuses on posing, extensive lighting, and beautiful locations.

Camera equipment in fashion photography is essential. But it all depends on what you are doing with the final images. Are they for editorial purposes? Will they be blown up and shown on the side of buildings? Or is the sole purpose of being shown on social media for the online world? Like most areas of photography, there is no perfect camera. There might be an ideal camera for you. And there might be a perfect camera for the kind of fashion photography you would like to do. In this diverse style, lighting, clothing, and hair and makeup might be more important than the camera itself. Here, we will run through the best picks of DSLR.

As this photographer points out, a lot of people feel that they do not have the right equipment. Photographing with an iPhone nowadays is a go-to option. This will allow you to shoot in a studio or hit the streets. Some of the latest smartphones have exceptional cameras. Meaning you don’t need to buy more unless you want to. We have more features in mobiles we can click images correctly.As fascinating and breathtaking as it looks, it would have taken days of research and skill to please the eyes of the viewers.

There are several poses for a particular shot. Seated pose look distinguished and vulnerable. On the other hand, the standing pose looks classic and add attitude in the picture. Likewise, the lying poses look more sensual and sexy, so the fashion divas are supposed to try different postures that are appropriate for the magazine covers.

Are you bored of the same dull and dusky backgrounds? Then try your photography skills having a colored experience. It reflects the picture and make it more bright, colorful, and stand out the best quality. Highlighting one radiant and glowing color could make your photo look more illuminating. The following images emphasize the yellow, orange, green, and red color, which is enough to achieve a mesmerizing effect of the overall picture.

For beauty editorials, the main focus is basically on the face, and for that, close-ups are shot where one can see the facial features and gestures in detail. The beauty editorials need a perfect blend of lights, an appropriate angle, perfect hair, and makeup with an ultimate expression that itself says the person’s emotions.

How To Learn Fashion Designing At Home.

Millions of people all over the world share the same dream of breaking into the fashion industry. Unfortunately, most of these millions simply cannot commit to full-time education or training. In turn, a whole world of talent, passion and enthusiasm goes to waste.Contrary to popular belief however, it is perfectly possible to begin building a successful fashion career at home. It’s simply a case of using your own time to build the skills, knowledge.

In terms of how to learn fashion designing at home with a future career in mind, the key lies in focusing your efforts accordingly. You need to pinpoint the area of fashion design that appeals to you most and suits your vision/aesthetic. It’s impossible to get ahead if you spread yourself and your talents too thinly. Decide on the area of fashion you’d like to focus on primarily and do precisely that.

Likewise, you’re going to need to establish a unique selling point (USP) for your fashion brand. What is it that makes you stand out from other fashion designers? What is it about your designs that makes them unique? How are you going to differentiate yourself from rival designers?

You might not be a professional fashion designer yet, but you still need to act like one. Which means establishing and building your own personal fashion brand. Launch a website, get yourself active on social media and make your voice heard. And of course, the value of a solid online portfolio of your work speaks for itself. The stronger your online presence, the more likely you are to be taken seriously as a professional fashion designer.

When starting out in fashion design, the only thing that matters is getting your work seen, worn and recognised. Fame and fortune, by contrast, come further down the line. As such, you need to be willing to start out as small and humble as necessary to get yourself on the right track. Volunteer with established fashion businesses, give clothes away if it’s likely to result in positive exposure, work hard and accept that you might got nothing in return.Becoming a successful fashion designer takes time, patience and the ability to overcome various challenges along the way. It isn’t going to be an easy ride, but the rewards at the end of the journey make the effort more than worthwhile.