The Science of making intelligent machines. Especially the computer intelligence programs is AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI).It’s a computer science language. Its is also called machine language. Artificial intelligence is progress that makes. Computer or robot to think smart about how smart humans are. The study of AI is the output of intelligence software. AI helps to develop computer functions. with the help of human knowledge.

The Intelligence of AI is composed of



3.Problem Solving

4. Linguistic Intelligence.

The objectives of AI are Reasoning research, Presentation of knowledge, Learning of natural language, Planning and Ability to move the objects.

AI also include statistical methods, Computational intelligence and traditional coding. AI research mathematical optimization. Artificial neural networks and methods based on the statistics.Probability and economics. Computer science attracts AI in the field of mathematics, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, science and so on.

AI Applications :

Gaming: Based on the deep knowledge of strategic gaming like chess etc. with the help of human intelligence AI plays an a very important role in gaming.

Natural learning : AI helps computer to understand the language spoken by humans.

Expert systems : Machines or software provides an explanation to understand the user.

Intelligent Robot : Robots are able to understand the instructions given by humans. with the help of AI

Major Goals of AI

  • Knowledge reasoning
  • Planning
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Robotics

Even google use the AI not only google. Everything and everyone uses the artificial intelligence. In simple words AI is Human assistant cause we use AI in every machines and software’s.