Adivi Shesh is one amongst the foremost gifted actors within the Telugu screenland. Not even as associate actor, however as a scriptwriter and director, Adi Shesh plays the role. Adivi Sesh is specializing in supporting roles and negative roles, not merely hero roles. On Tuesday, Adivi Sesh took to Twitter to share the date.

evaru movie

He wrote, ‘’Guys, My producer @PVPCinema referred to a spine Tree State and gave Pine Tree State some information. Thus here goes!EVARU releases THIS # August 15! #IndepndenceDay! #EvaruonAug15 #EVARU @ramjivv @reginacassandra @Naveenc212 @murlisharma72 @abburiravi @SricharanPakala @Garrybh88 @Vamsi_P1988 @PVPCinema’’, aboard an advert of the film.