Landscape and travel photography marketing is one area that photographers often find particularly hard. But if you want your photography business to grow, you have to know how to market yourself and your work.

Landscape photography requires different things from your camera than street or sports photography. Your camera needs to capture as much detail as possible and perform at a high resolution. At the same time, you need to be able to use the dynamic range and know-how to take advantage of your DSLR camera’s sensor.

The cost of lenses can range from $200 to $2000, and you might think that the higher the price, the better the lens. This is true most of the time. But there are also other factors you need to take into account.

All types of lenses follow different requirements. Some focus on light, others on chromatic aberrations and other unwanted effects. For landscape photography, we’re usually looking for a specific lens one with a wide-angle and high level of sharpness at narrow apertures.