If you ask a subject to stand in front of a pretty background and pose for you, you’ll generally end up with problems.

Photo Pose 1: Sit and lookup
When you ask your subject to sit while you stand, it will cause her to look up at you. This will make her eyes appear bigger, and her face looks slimmer. Just make sure she keeps her chin fairly low, so she’s looking up at you with her eyes instead of tilting her whole face upwards.

Photo Pose 2: Sit cross-legged, full-body shot
You can also crouch down to photograph a sitting subject on her eye level. Girls are generally pretty flexible, so you can ask them to sit cross-legged for a cute, relaxed photo.

Photo Pose 3: Backwards on the chair
Have your subject sit back on a chair for another relaxed photo pose for girls. She can rest her arms on top of the chair, which solves the problem of what to do with her hands.

Photo Pose 4: Cross-legged, knees pulled up
Always ask your subject to pull her legs in toward her body when photographing her sitting on the ground. If she sits with her legs out in front of her, her feet will be quite a bit closer to the camera than the rest of her body, making them look really large. But if she pulls her knees up and wraps her arms around them, she’ll present a much nicer picture.

Photo Pose 5: Leaning against a wall
Here’s another example of asking your subject to lean slightly toward an object for support, whether she’s sitting or standing. Having her tilt her head toward the wall she’s sitting against keeps her posture looking natural.