Chanakya releasing on oct 5th 2019

Chanakya is an upcoming Indian Telugu language action thriller film directed by Thiru and produced by Rama Brahmam Sankara under AK entertainments banner the film starring tottempudi Gopichand, Mehreen pirzada and zareen khan and Rajesh khattar as lead roles are marking Thiru’s Telugu debut as director and khan’s acting debut in Telugu films. The prime look of Gopichand in the film poster was published on 12 June 2019. The real teaser was launched on 9 September 2019, by AK Entertainments.

The official theatrical trailer was revealed on 26 September 2019. Chanakya is cataloged to be theatrically released worldwide on 5 October 2019. The reply to ‘Chanakya’ teaser and songs are excellent, and so the expectations are kind enough on the movie. This also marks the première of Bollywood heroine Zarine Khan in Telugu. The movie is being bankrolled by Kishore garikipati, Ajay Sankara, and Abhishek Agarwal. Vishal Chandrasekhar and Sricharan Pakala have composed music for the film while Vetri handled the cinematography and Stunt Silva for stunt choreography.

Chanakya is a spy thriller movie which rotates around Arjun, a RAW Agent, and his mission against terrorism. Stuffed with captivating action series and secret operations to safeguard the country, this thriller will leave you at the end of your seat. Chanakya, the creators, unveiled the title with a logo. The movie was earlier being suggested to as Gopichand 26, with it being Gopichand’s 26th film. Telugu cinema will see Gopichand and Mehreen share screen space repeat after the 2018 action film, Pantham. Mehreen, who has starred in the Tollywood blockbuster F2 Fun and Frustration, made her Bollywood appearance in 2017 beside Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh and Suraj Sharma in Phillauri.

On the other hand, Gopichand is popularly referred to as Action Star and Macho Star has several Telugu hits to his credit, including Golimaar (2010), Oxygen (2017), Loukyam (2014) and Mogudu (2011). Gopichand’s last film release was Pantham which did not fare well at the box office. Pantham noted the directorial debut of screenwriter K. Chakravarthy Reddy who was also in charge of the story. The director had worked as the screenwriter in films such as Balupu, Power and Jai Lava Kusa. Bobby Kolli had penned the screenplay while Ramesh Reddy wrote the dialogues. pantham is his 25th film. But now the 26th film of gopichand is Chanakya is releasing on 5 October 2019.

veeramahadevi is set to release on sep 27, 2019

Veeramahadevi is a multilingual time, war genre movie direction by Vadivudaiyan. The movie highlights Sunny Leone in the lead role. The director says Veeramadevi was a famous warrior who lived in southern Indian history. Sunny is becoming trained in sword fighting and soldierly arts with the professional’s trainers from Mumbai. Sunny Leone says that she’s ‘excited’ to feature in the periodical drama Veeramahadevi. Also, she has given a call sheet of 150 days for Veeramahadevi movie shoot. The movie said to have 70 minutes of CG work and will get released in five languages Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu. The much-awaited premier look of Veeramadevi, starring Sunny Leone is out, and the artist takes over the big screen, this time as a warrior. Veeramadevi, also called Veeramahadevi, is Sunny Leone’s presentation in the South film industry.

The Tamil film, which will also be published in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi, presents Sunny Leone as a leader with her grand army. The film is touted to be an epic with Sunny Leone leading the pack and the posters released so far, hint at her being a royal fighter. Presented by Steeve’s Corner and directed by VC Vadivudaiyan, Veeramadevi looks like a grand period drama in which Sunny plays a strong and determined woman, guarding her people and taking over the antagonists single-handedly.The film will also see Navdeep in a negative role, While the rest of the cast is yet to be revealed. The actress has reportedly undergone severe training in sword fighting and horse riding for the film — the highly anticipated movie. This movie is releasing on Sep 27, 2019.

Amrish Ganesh has composed the music. Veeramadevi is slated to be released and also joins the league of South cinema epics with the actress’ taking the lead like Anushka Shetty’s Rudramadevi, Arundathi, etc. The expectations, including Sunny Leone’s VEERAMADEVI, has been skyrocketing to magnificent levels from the moment it was declared. The high-caliber making sneak peeks with a large budget of 100-Cr had joined the heraldic arms of attraction to this project. Telugu film production, including Nasser. The war sequences that are suspected to be one of the greatest cherry-pick of this movie is being shot utilizing horses and elephants that exist commuted from various part of Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka, and Kerala. The actors are being trained with massive level practice to shoot for this series.

Sunny Leone’s grand attires will reflect the Indian cultural and traditional ethnicity, which are being produced in Mumbai. With excellent set works built-in Ramoji Film City and locations tented at deepest thick forests of Kerala, the war series are being shot in top-notch quality. Not to miss the grandest CG works that are offered by the most excellent experts across India and Canada. The man behind unparalleled CG and Animation works in Hollywood’s celebrated. About 40Cr budget has been spent upon the CG works for this movie, which is definitely to offer sumptuous delight for the global public. Brimming with such saliently expensive factors, the first look of VEERAMADEVI have already released.

Classical Music for Studying

Everybody’s approach to studying is different. How we study and where varies from person to person as no two people learn in quite the same way. But most importantly, when you have found the best method, stick to it. Some students prefer to work in libraries, others at home.

Some prefer to study in silence, while some prefer ‘sounds’ in the background. A survey made by the Philharmonia Orchestra in 2012 found that 30% of 18-24-year-old listen to classical music while reading, which can suggest they do so for studying as well, given their age.

The 1993 book “The Mozart Effect” by Don Campbell, which deals with developing a higher IQ when listening to classical music from a young age, has been proved a myth by some researchers. Some studies have revealed that listening to classical music doesn’t improve your IQ but does improve one’s state of mind and sleep patterns, which makes studying more effective. It has also been found that listening to music helps to release certain chemicals in the brain. One such hormone, dopamine, lifts our moods and raises spirits, making it easier to focus, retain information, and study longer.

Also, different studies reveal the number of time individuals can maintain concentration while studying. These studies have shown that music with lyrics can be disruptive, diverting attention away, preventing us from comprehending long or complicated texts with complex ideas discounting much popular music. Ideas for playlists vary but when exploring ideas of your own, choose music which is slow to moderately paced, emotionally restrained, mostly quiet and not too long. Avoid pieces that are fast and have too many instruments, as these can prove too distracting. Overly popular tunes, however, can break concentration.

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Royal Pass Rewards

 There also have been talks of new the Season 9 Royale Pass bringing new rewards and content. And now, the PUBG MOBILE team is finally getting ready to roll out some of these new updates in the coming days. And we can see new Mission, Emotes, Different gun skins in 1-100Rp Rewards in season 9.

Players will get to see redesigned missions and ranking pages with the new update. There will also be a countdown timer leading to the new season. The upgraded Royale Pass customized sharing page will be added, and new weekly Mission crate reminders will also be there. The achievement chain progress system will come with the update. Emotes can now be dismantled, and rewards and a discount on rare firearm finish with the purchase of Unknown Cash will be available.

Complete Royale Pass Daily Missions and Challenge Missions. Elite Pass holders will have access to Elite Missions to rank up faster.

  • Complete weekly challenges and participate in events to get Royale Pass Point Cards that grant RP Points.
  • Sometimes opening crates will also award free Royale Pass Points.
  • Participate in in-game events to get more free Royale Pass Points.

Tips For Telling Stories With Your Photos

Stories are integral to human culture, and storytelling is a timeline. In photographic practice, visual storytelling is often called a photo essay or photo story. It’s a way for a photographer to narrate a story with a series of photographs.

If we consider storytelling as art then, as Leo Tolstoy said, it should be utterly infectious, where it infects the viewer with the feelings, he or she has lived through so that other people are affected in turn by these experiences. The phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words itself justifies the art of visual storytelling. However, this doesn’t mean all photographs narrate a story.

In visual storytelling, images are ordered in a specific way, either chronologically or as a series, with the aim of ‘infecting’ the viewer’s vision and mind. Captions are also an integral part of a photo story that should help the viewer understand each image. That said, it is important to remember that while captions may expand your understanding of an image, it’s the image itself that should tell the story never the other way round.

1: Plan, plan and plan some more
Planning is an essential part of the process for visual storytelling. “What your mind does not know, your eyes can’t see.” This is probably most apt when planning your photo essay. You must plan well ahead to visualize the story. Taking these steps beforehand will give the structure you need for your narrative. Your images won’t be completed without understanding the light, composition, and choice of photo gear for your chosen subject.

2: Single shot or a series?
Often ‘it’s a point of discussion on photography forums whether one narrates better stories with a single image versus a series of images. In this regard, ‘it’s important to remember that a single image is only a “half-truth” because it never tells you the fundamental of a story.

3: Be original
Originality in photography seems to be becoming secondary for some photographers. It’s not always easy to create something unique with the huge number of images that are created these days. However, it’s good practice to strive for originality. Why? Well, there’s really no satisfaction in copying someone else’s work. We’ve all copied someone else’s idea, or been inspired by an image we’ve found online or in a magazine, it’s a human trait, although to stand out from the crowd one should keep this in mind when shooting especially if you want your photo series to stand out.

Best Home Remedie For Skin Whitening.

*Potato, Honey, Rosewater.

Potatoes contain catecholase enzyme which reduces dark spots, blemishes, and acne scars. And it also helps to lighten your skin. And it is suitable for all skin tones.

Honey contains a host of antioxidants, which slows down the aging process and prevents skin damage caused by sun exposure.

Rosewater restores the pH balance of your skin. Rosewater removes oil and dirt from your skin, by unclogging your pores.


Step1: Grate a small raw potato and mix with one teaspoon of honey and a few drops of rose water.

Step2: Apply all over face and neck and leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing off with cold water.

Step3: You can safely use this potato pack on alternate days as a part of home remedies for fair skin. How to become fair naturally finally you can get the result overnight.

Paayal Rajput Reveals Date Of her Upcoming Movie

Paayal Rajput reveals the release date of RDX Love on October 11. and all are waiting for their movie.d directed by Bhanu Shankar. She took to her Twitter handle and revealed the release date of RDX Love. Payal Rajput was looking gorgeous on this movie, and the audience is waiting for the RDX love movie.

So, RDX Love will be hitting the screens worldwide on October 11. The film also features Tejus Kancherla, Naresh, Aditya Menon, Aamani, Mumaith Khan, Nagineedu and several others. RDX Love follows the story of a young woman, who turns a savior for the sake of people in a village. Paayal Rajput will be seen playing as an independent yet brave girl, who stands up for village people and solves their issues. Audiences cannot stop gushing about Paayal Rajput. Radhan is in charge of composing music while C Ram Prasad is handling the camera. Prawin Pudi edits the film. C Kalyan bankrolls RDX Love under Happy Movies banner.

‘RDX Love’ starring Paayal Rajput and Tejus Kancherla in the lead roles, is all set to release on October 11. Being directed by Shankar Bhanu, recently the trailer of the film was unveiled. The trailer got a terrific response with Paayal stealing the show as she was seen doing an action episode, fighting goons, aver makers. The film also stars Naresh, Nagineedu, Tulasi, Amani, and others in supporting roles. With the response to the first look, teaser, and trailer being right, there are reasonable expectations on the movie. Radhan is the music composer of ‘RDX Love’ while C Ram Prasad has handled the cinematography

5 Photo Pose For Girls

If you ask a subject to stand in front of a pretty background and pose for you, you’ll generally end up with problems.

Photo Pose 1: Sit and lookup
When you ask your subject to sit while you stand, it will cause her to look up at you. This will make her eyes appear bigger, and her face looks slimmer. Just make sure she keeps her chin fairly low, so she’s looking up at you with her eyes instead of tilting her whole face upwards.

Photo Pose 2: Sit cross-legged, full-body shot
You can also crouch down to photograph a sitting subject on her eye level. Girls are generally pretty flexible, so you can ask them to sit cross-legged for a cute, relaxed photo.

Photo Pose 3: Backwards on the chair
Have your subject sit back on a chair for another relaxed photo pose for girls. She can rest her arms on top of the chair, which solves the problem of what to do with her hands.

Photo Pose 4: Cross-legged, knees pulled up
Always ask your subject to pull her legs in toward her body when photographing her sitting on the ground. If she sits with her legs out in front of her, her feet will be quite a bit closer to the camera than the rest of her body, making them look really large. But if she pulls her knees up and wraps her arms around them, she’ll present a much nicer picture.

Photo Pose 5: Leaning against a wall
Here’s another example of asking your subject to lean slightly toward an object for support, whether she’s sitting or standing. Having her tilt her head toward the wall she’s sitting against keeps her posture looking natural.

All Favourite Vijay Deverakonda Revealed The Next Film Title

Our Favourite Vijay Deverakonda revealed the next film title with director Kranthi Madhav with an attractive poster. The title name was awesome and eagerly waiting for the movie. The actor is now concentrating on his upcoming films in Telugu and Tamil. On September 17, Deverakonda announced the title of his new film with Kranthi Madhav.

For Vijay Deverakonda fans it is a surprise announcement, Vijay Deveakonda announced about his upcoming in Twitter and revealed that the film had been titled World Famous Lover. Along with the title, the team also added. Vijay Deverakonda and the makers of World Famous Lover have been trying their level best to make the movie hit. Once the first look of World Famous Lover is released, the director might reveal what kind of a film it is. World Famous Lover, produced by KA Vallabha, is presented by KS Rama Rao. Gopi Sundar has been roped in to compose music for the film.surprise and very happy to see a world-famous movie in Vijay Deverakonda.

Going by the title, many predict that World Famous Lover will be a romantic film, with Deverakonda romancing four heroines: Raashi Khanna, Aishwarya Rajesh, Catherine Tresa, and Izabelle Leite. The shooting of the film is proceeding at a swift pace. A few months ago, Rumors were rife that Deverakonda would be seen as the father of an eight-year-old in the movie. However, an official confirmation regarding. The same is yet to be made by the team. And very eagerly waiting for our favorite star Vijay Deverkond movie.

Symptoms And Prevention Of Heart Attack


A heart attack is the destruction of a part of heart muscle affected by a loss of blood supply. The blood is usually cut off when a blood clot blocks an artery supplying the heart muscle. If any of the heart muscle weakens, a person experiences breast pain and electrical imbalance of the heart muscle membrane. A heart attack is a medical urgency in which the supply of blood to the heart becomes obstructed, often as the result of a blood clotting. Other phases used for a heart attack add myocardial infarction, cardiac infarction, and coronary thrombosis. An infarction is during the blood accumulation to a section is left off, and the tissue in that area dies. A heart attack is usually complicated for a cardiac capture. While they are both medical crises, a heart attack is the blockage of an artery leading to the heart, and a cardiac arrest includes the heart-stopping the pumping of blood throughout the body. A heart attack can reach to cardiac prevention.

Symptoms :

There are apparent signs of a heart attack that require immediate medical attention. A sense of tension, tightness, burning, squeezing, or hurting in the chest or arms that spread to the neckline, jawbone, or backbone can be a sign that a person has a heart attack. The following are other possible symptoms and signs of a heart attack occurring:
crushing breast pain
shortness of breathing called dyspnea
face seeming gray
a feeling of fear that life is finishing
feeling great, usually
feeling cold and sweaty
conciseness of breath
Changing position does not relieve the pain of a heart attack. The pain a person feels is generally constant, although it may sometimes occur and continue.


Treatment :

The faster someone is treated when having a heart illness, the higher the possibilities of progress. These days, most utmost heart attacks can be bought with efficiently. However, it is critical to remember that a person’s survival depends primarily on how immediately they reach the hospital. If a person has a history of heart attacks, they should speak to a doctor about treatment plans.

Prevention :

The most reliable way of stopping a heart attack is to have a healthful lifestyle. Standards for healthy living include the following:
not smoking
eating a balanced, nutritious diet
getting plenty of exercises
getting plenty of good quality sleep
keeping diabetes under control
keeping alcohol intake down
maintaining blood cholesterol at optimum levels
maintaining blood pressure at a secure level
managing a healthy body weight
avoiding stress where feasible
learning how to handle stress
It may be helpful for people to acquire more about the warning symptoms of heart illness

Diagnosis :
Any doctor, nurse, or healthcare expert will send someone straight to hospital if they assume they may be having a heart attack. Once there, various tests may be done, including:

ECG or electrocardiograph
cardiac enzyme tests
chest X-ray